5 ways to get involved in #SmallBizFriday

Do you know the value of small business? Mike Anderson: NSBC Founder & CEO explains that, ‘Small business is the mainstay of our economy. They represent countless hours of hard work, commitment, resilience and thousands of jobs. When South Africans support small business, they make a big impact and an investment in our communities and South Africa’s collective economic future.” For this reason, the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) and Nedbank (Title Sponsor) bring you Small Business Friday (2 September 2016) – a day where we put small businesses across South Africa firmly in the spotlight and encourage the nation the go BIG by supporting the small.

What happens when we ALL elevate our support and shop at our local small businesses? A higher percentage of small businesses will survive and grow, their infrastructure will expand, they will employ more local people – alleviating unemployment, driving job creation and making a real contribution to the economy. Supporting the movement = Meaningful nation building.

Here are 5 ways you can get involved in ‪#‎SmallBizFriday

1. Visit the Small Business Friday website
Find out more about the movement, get great deals from small businesses all over South Africa and be inspired by the stories of the hardworking small businesses and entrepreneurs out there. Click here

2. Pledge your support
As the Tanzanian proverb goes ‘Little by little, a little becomes a lot’.  If everyone makes a small purchase, or changes where they buy what they need, collectively this will make a huge difference to the prosperity of your local community. Tell us what you will be doing on Small Business Friday here.

3. Share your pledge on social media 
Start sharing and encouraging everyone you know to join the frenzy. Tell the world what you’re doing on the day! Don’t forget to include #SmallBizFriday in each post! Click here for all our social media details.

4. Visit and shop from your favourite small businesses on Small Business Friday
Make a point of visiting and shopping at a small business on 2 September 2016. Its a great reason to get out and even take advantage of the incredible deals and special small businesses will be having on the day! Snap a pic of / or mention your favourite small business on Facebook / Twitter or Instagram using #SmallBizFriday and challenge everyone you know to do the same.

5. Keep the momentum going and dedicate yourself to supporting small businesses all year round


Proudly brought to you by the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) and Nedbank (Title sponsor).