Five days to Small Business Friday

top-bannerThe National Small Business Chamber (NSBC), with Title Sponsor Nedbank, is gearing up for its 5th Small Business Friday (SBF) this Friday 2 September. The movement is about mobilising all South Africans to support their local small businesses. Mike Anderson, CEO and founder of NSBC, says that entrepreneurship is one of the cornerstones of the South African economy and it is thus vital to sustain this sector.

“SBF has gained incredible momentum over the past five years and as a non-profit organisation, we are very proud of our progress. It remains important to keep reminding people to get involved, mobilise the nation and support small business,” says Anderson.

SBF is South Africa’s biggest small business day of the year and Anderson says that the NSBC and Nedbank is anticipating nationwide support for this special movement: “It’s a one-day high action drive on the first Friday of Spring every year, to celebrate and recognise the importance of the small business community. We really want people to ‘Go BIG’ by supporting small business.”

He says that by simply supporting a small business the community can help small businesses grow, employ more, reduce unemployment and nurture the country’s entrepreneurial spirit: “There is also an opportunity to pledge your support on the site.”

The NSBC is excited to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the SBF movement.  Anderson says that there is wonderful irony in the number five as it is the most dynamic and energetic of all the single-digit numbers: “Number five is always in motion and constantly in need of change, just like our industry. We are hopeful that together with Nedbank and the community, SBF will bring about positive change and growth for all small businesses and that entrepreneurship will prosper.”

As a bank for small business, Nedbank is particularly pleased to partner with NSBC in celebrating five years of Small Business Friday. “We want to get into the hearts, minds and wallets of consumers and large businesses to support their local small businesses in their communities. Small Business Friday™ continues to gain momentum and raise awareness of the important role small businesses play in the South African economy and in creating a vibrant society,” says Tracy Afonso, Nedbank Head of Strategy, Professional Banking and Small Business Banking.

5 ways to support a small business:

  1. Looking for a new Spring wardrobe? – we have many great designers, choose a local clothing brand to complete your look – there are many brands available in local stores, pop-up shops and online.
  2. Spring has sprung! If you want to fill your house with flowers or treat a loved one – stop and shop at your local florist or even a roadside stall.
  3. Fancy a snack or weekend treat – Mom and Pop shops have not died out yet, look for one in your local area and treat yourself to their many goodies.
  4. Spring Cleaning or DIY fever hitting you? Support your local hardware store, they are many well located stores with knowledgeable staff to assist you with your project.
  5. Having a Spring party – consider local bakeries, home industries and caterers, their produce is always fresh and tasty!

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About the NSBC

The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC), established in 2007, is a non-profit membership organisation and the driving force fueling small business growth. The real purpose behind the organisation is fostering the sustainability and growth of the SME sector, driving job creation, alleviating unemployment and nurturing the country’s entrepreneurial spirit. The NSBC has a current base of over 106 000 SMEs and 50 big brands as National Partners. The NSBC has also become the largest organisation of its kind in Africa and one of the fastest growing organisations of its kind in the world.

Nedbank & Small Business

In the past three years Nedbank has provided over R20 million in enterprise development assistance to emerging black SMEs, benefiting over 2 000 entrepreneurs with mentoring, skills and other interventions aimed at supporting their success. Some of these initiatives include:

  • 200 SME’s created (over 290 jobs) through collaboration and mentoring with the Branson Centre. Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) saw Nedbank appointed as their preferred service provider for the Vuk’Uphile learnership programme aimed at developing emerging contractors. After 5 years and partnering with 24 Implementing Authorities (National, Provincial, Municipalities and Public Bodies/SOE), 554 Learner Contractors have benefited. Nedbank contributed R2, 7m in mentorship funding for the Development of these SMMEs, with 2977 job opportunities created, R41 mil total lend thus far and zero Rand being written off for the past 5 years.
  • Nedbank’s in house supplier development programme offers a holistic approach to developing suppliers.
  • One of Nedbank’s flagship offerings, small-business seminars, has provided practical solutions and advice to over 30 000 small-business owners across the country since inception some 10 years ago.
  • Nedbank introduced business registration via Swiftreg in branches in April 2008. By March 2016 12,220 companies have been registered.
  • Vote Small Business™ with Nedbank and Small Business Friday™ was conceptualized in 2012 in association with the National Small Business Chamber to encourage consumers and large businesses to keep small businesses top of mind when making purchases in their communities.
  • SimplyBiz™ was launched in 2010. It is an online portal that has enables over 30 000 entrepreneurs to network and find practical information that aids the starting, operating and growing of any small business.
  • The Nedbank Small Business Index™ was launched in 2013, aimed at providing a measurable assessment of the SME sector. The index tracks trends and issues affecting small businesses in South Africa, such as sector confidence, business activity, expectations of both the private and public spheres, as well as challenges.
  • Nedbank offers a holistic approach to cater for the financial needs of start-up’s, growing and established businesses across a wide range of industries and professional practices. Nedbank offers business owners access to a dedicated relationship banker (supported by dedicated credit environment that understands the needs and challenges of small business) at the location of their choice. The dedicated relationship banker is there to support and guide business owners with the various financial decisions (lending or otherwise), equip them with the right tools to manage and grow their business, and to lower their administrative burden.
  • Industry specialized offerings – franchising. Through our network of local business managers dedicated to the franchise industry together with the National Franchise Unit in Johannesburg we can customize solutions.
  • In an effort to further help small businesses, Nedbank created a one-stop-shop suite of innovative solutions that make it easier for businesses to run and grow their business. Some of these solutions include:
  • Notifications helps businesses stay on top of transactions in their accounts. They can get sms or email notifications and even customize what they want to be notified on, and when;
  • Market Edge™ merchant analytics tool provides retailers with detailed analytics on their customer base and store performance;
  • Gap Access™ is an innovative solution that gives more established businesses access to the working capital based on their card turnover, with flexible repayment terms.PocketPos™ allows smaller businesses to accept card payments by using a smartphone connected to a secure card reader;
  • Payroll Lite is a web-based payroll solution that is designed for small businesses with up to 50 employees. This solution offers full functionality, including payslips, automatic statutory payment calculations, reporting capabilities, and more;
  • Money Manager is an easy to use budgeting and tracking tool suitable for individual and small businesses. Free downloadable software offers a simple user interface that is ready to use from installation.
  • Nedbank Accounting is an integrated online accounting solution, offering businesses access through a single logon, automated statement integration and on-the-go invoicing and quoting.
  • Tender Account allows clients tendering for business to reserve an account number for tendering purposes (minimal paper work and no fees to the client to reserve the account) – for conversion to full account on award of tender.
  • Multiple partnerships/sponsorships aimed at driving hands on engagement and mentoring of small and medium business owners:
  • Investment of R15 million in partnerships with 702’s Business Accelerator and Kaya FM to drive real engagement and learning with business owners.
  • Nedbank 4me entrepreneurial days, ensures learners are educated on entrepreneurial skills at primary school level. Programme has reached >72 000 learners, 100 000 parents and 1500 parents.
  • LaunchLab: R6, 5 million sponsorship of a technology lab in Stellenbosch to provide critical support to incubate new business ideas.
  • Riversands Incubation Hub: partnership with Riversands Hub (JHB) to grow and develop SME’s in and around Diepsloot.

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